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Hygiene and Prevention

Dr. Kenneth Seaton Ph.D. coined the phrase, “Germs don’t fly; they hitchhike.” Of course, we know that germs do fly – however, this was the outcome of some of his research: ten healthy people were put into a room for eight hours with ten people infected by viruses. The rule was, no physical contact. Two people got sick.

Then, ten healthy people were put into a room for eight hours with ten sick people, except this time, there was physical contact. All ten became sick. That works out to be 20% risk factor without physical contact and 100% risk factor with physical contact.

Jordan Rubin writes in The Great Physician’s Rx” , “If we are to stave off colds, allergies, or the flu, particular attention must be paid to five areas of the body – the hands, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.”

Andrew Cavanagh writes in “How Important is Hygiene?“, “Over ninety percent of germs, viruses and allergens on the hands are harboured under the fingernails and thumbnails.”

Hand washing in very warm water, working the soap under your fingernails and around the entire hand for 15-30 seconds is great prevention. After your hands are clean you can also do a face wash. Rubin recommends hand and face washing in the morning and evening with a soft soap (which can get under fingernails) that is not antibacterial. In public places, use a towel to not only turn the faucet off, but also to open the door. And, when washing isn’t available, have your sanitizer with you!

Hygiene Sources

Andrew Cavanagh

Jordon Rubin


      1. Dawn Renee

        I got E.Coli when I went to Costa Rica. If something I ate wasn’t the culprit, there’s a good chance it was on a doorknob I touched after washing my hands, on a serving utensil at the buffet or on something in our room. It’s my understanding hand sanitizer doesn’t kill salmonella, e. Coli, MRSA, and norovirus. : ( At least it kills some stuff.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Pilgrimage Studio

        I bet, I’m sure that was awful. Well… I’ve drank both – the food-grade hydrogen peroxide and vinegar – but never tried them for issues like these. Apple cider vinegar with mother is good for a lot of things and so is food-grade hydrogen peroxide 😊


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