Today’s Shot 75

Ray of Light

Sumter National Forest

At times, as I’ve aimed the camera, I think I know what I’ve captured… then looking later, I know I didn’t truly see at all. Not then.

Mantra Practice

Tidal force is what causes high and low tides. It is the side closest to the moon that pushes the inflows and draws the outflows with the moon’s gravitational pull. Just as, with each planet, there is an energetic effect. I have always been interested in how this affects us as people. More, I wondered if there were mantras for the planets 🪐 which help us navigate the energetic currents that tug at our own lives.

Mercury has been the talk of late, being in retrograde (appearing to move backwards). I find that working in Mercury’s energy (which has been associated with communications of all kinds) with my voice and words, has been interesting to me. It is intentional thought, throat chakra in action, words and sound – all combined – focused towards those very things: Mercury and communications. The idea is, that these types of mantras help to sooth or smooth-out the natural energies that are at play in our lives. It is helpful to know your birth chart if you’d like to pin-point a specific issue along with its planetary associations.

You can chant with mala beads 108 times. Or perhaps, set aside a certain amount of time and make it a part of your meditation practice.

Mercury Mantra / Budh

Note: as I heard it explained, the sound “Bood – Ha” is not the same as Buddha.

Om Budhaya Namaha

Om Bood-hah-yah Nahm-ah-ha

In his book, “Mantra, Sacred Words of Power”, Thomas Ashley-Farrand says, “Attention is energy. Intention qualifies attention.”

Whether you pray, dance, sing, drum, or chant mantras… what kind of attention is your intention qualifying?


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