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Allium is the ancient Latin word for garlic, from the Celtic word all, meaning “hot or burning”. Its species name sativum means “cultivated” or “planted.” Spear plant or Gar-leac is the Anglo-Saxon word from which garlic is derived.


The London College of Physicians recommended garlic to prevent plague.

Medicinal Herbs

Prevent and Protect 🌟


    1. Pilgrimage Studio

      From what I have read of the bubonic plague: what helped to end the plague was quarantines and The Great Fire – which killed the rats and fleas that were spreading the disease.

      Garlic was considered a food of the working class, and in Victorian England, Mrs. Beeton wrote in her 1861 “Book of Household Management” that “the smell of this plant is generally considered offensive, and it is the most acrimonious in its taste.” I’m not sure how many people used garlic during times of sickness then… but if this was the thinking on garlic at that time (offensive), I can see why it would need to be recommended for use.

      During the Black Death, according to Wikipedia, Several antibiotics were effective treatments, including streptomycin, gentamicin, and doxycycline. Without treatment, the death rate from the plague was 30% to 90% of those infected. With treatment the risk of death was around 10%.

      Garlic contains a compound called alliin. When garlic is chopped or crushed, alliin forms another substance, called allicin, which is shown to have powerful antibacterial properties and other health benefits as well. Crushed, and taken raw a couple of times a day – it can boost immunity and can help fight infections- if you don’t mind the smell.

      Garlic is also known as Russian penicillin because Russian physicians used it for treating respiratory infections and diseases.

      It works so well, that just like with prescription antibiotics, it is good to also supplement with probiotics to replenish the good gut flora – as garlic can kill the needed bacteria along with the bad.

      It would be interesting to hear stories from people who did not get the Flu during plague times and how they were eating at the time – as what we eat is our fist line of defense : Nutrition and living conditions.

      All said, my family used onions during times of flu outbreak. Garlic is a member of the onion family. My family added onion to everything during flu outbreaks and stayed well. Raw and cooked.

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      1. Jim Borden

        thank you for such a comprehensive answer! I wonder if we will see an increase in quarantines because of the coronavirus. And I’m a fan of onions as well – good to know that they have some health benefits, at least anecdotally 🙂


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