Today’s Shot 82

Slow-Motion Crystal Shards Returning to their Original Liquid State

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

Face Masks

During this time, I have seen many people wearing masks. While this can be helpful – also remember that the best protection is for anyone who is currently unwell to wear them. And if you are wearing them while well to prevent germs, remember that germs may adhere to the outer surface of your mask 😷. If you take your mask off or touch it, you’ll need to wash / sanitize your hands!

Prevent and Protect! 🌟


  1. Jim Borden

    that video is quite calming; has there been a shortage of masks where you are? the Singapore government has strongly recommended that masks are only for those not feeling well, to prevent them from spreading germs.

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    1. Pilgrimage Studio

      There haven’t been shortages that I know of. I carry a handful with me in case someone needs one. However, it was reported by a doctor friend recently that an unbelievable amount of PPE has disappeared (personal protective equipment supplies stolen) which is pretty sad. That’s the best people can think of… head shaker

      Glad you enjoyed the video! 😊☺️😊


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