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Dream States

Consciousness drifts in and out – rising and falling like a candle’s flame. My dream this morning was a flickering awareness of a story from long ago, slowly filling my mind and then receding again into blackness. For whatever reason – for me or for someone reading this – its message was reawakened and spoken again for this moment in time.

A schoolmate (who I will name Roxy) had gone on vacation with a friend of hers. On the way back, her friend was wearing a seatbelt but Roxy was not. They were in an accident, and Roxy’s body was thrown on top of her friend – tragically killing both of them.

The thing is… it’s not odd or strange to be young, foot-loose and fancy-free. We have probably all been there, regardless of age. It’s no one’s fault. It’s one of those situations that you can only look at afterwards (as an outsider to the event) and wish with all your heart that one small change could have re-written this whole story.

But, who is to say that this would have prevented – what would it be called … fate? We remember with troubled hearts – but perhaps that day, their journey really just began in a different kind of way, for reasons beyond comprehension.

I don’t think we’re meant to understand everything.


I went on a trip last year with some friends from my swimming group, and the driver was very adamant about the fact that our vehicle was not moving until we were all buckled in. I so appreciated her caution with our safety – and I wished that these two beautiful souls from so long ago – were still here with us today …

Who can make that call and say, “No, this was the wrong time … this was the wrong way. Tomorrow and in this way would be best …?”

There really is no “best” to some things.

Seatbelts are not just for one person’s safety. They also protect anyone else in the vehicle.


We can’t prevent all things for all people but please, if not for yourself, buckle up for others!

This belt I wear each day, is for Roxy and her friend. We miss you 🕊


  1. Pilgrimage Studio

    Thank you so much. It was hard to write. It’s not my usual ray of sunshine… but the dream was so persistent – having woken up again today with it – except this time I had the honor of being able to sit down with her mother and hear her tell the story of Roxy…

    I would love to have that opportunity 🌟

    Be well and safe – ✌️🕊🤗


    1. Pilgrimage Studio

      It’s been a struggle knowing how to write it… it reads a bit differently now then how it began with my stumbling fingers. This is the story – but the message isn’t blame at all. It is that they are so missed, and that if a seatbelt can help to prevent a loss like theirs… then I’ll wear mine, every day, just for them. Thank you Jim.

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      1. Jim Borden

        I didn’t see it as a message of blame at all, more as that life is just so fragile. and what a nice way to remember them. I’m a big fan of seat belts as well, but growing up I remember it was pretty rare to wear one…

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