Today’s Shot 141


We don’t always smile because the conditions are perfect. We don’t have to frown because it rains … after all, it rains sulphuric acid above Venus. We don’t always find the perfect soil to grow and bloom in. But where are your feet planted? Bloom there.

Sometimes we find beauty in the most unlikely places. I was waiting for a patient at a cancer treatment center when these blooms caught my eye.

It’s a place people go to when they’ve received bad news and where they get the treatments that can save their life. Sometimes they have hope and sometimes they don’t.

My 75-year-old gentleman patient had a bandage around his head, but he had a kind word for the people he met and a smile on his face – a reminder that we may not always like the ground were standing on, but we can bloom right where we’re at, even in the most unlikely spaces.

🚐 🚑 🚐

Cee’s Flower of the Day – FOTD


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