Today’s Shot 160


Black-Eyed Susan
Summer Blooms

What are the best memories made of? Is it campfires and s’mores? What about that fishing trip or family vacation to the beach. Topping root beer with vanilla ice cream and watching the foam rise. Sitting quietly within nature’s gallery for a spell? Screaming and laughing down a steep ride at an amusement park. Grandma’s blackberry pie – and fried chicken. Waking up to the smell of fresh-brewed coffee and sizzling bacon…

What do all of these things have in common?

None of these things include checking off our to-do list, or increasing our income and refining our career. There are no business suits or board meetings. No deadlines or status checks.

I think what all these things have in common is: a joyful leisure. It is all of our senses being in the present moment. It’s the fragrances, laughter, connections, and tastes. It’s watching in quietness – or being surrounded by familiar voices and faces. It’s in the keeping of our traditions and special moments shared. It’s hugs.

These memories are timeless!

What is one timeless thing that I can do today?

Be well my friends!

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