Today’s Shot 180


Gliding on still waters, the dip of the oars push me forward into turtle’s murky sanctuary. Am I still in the water, or am I rowing out into the clouds…



A shardorma is a simple syllabic poetry form which consists of six lines following a syllable pattern of 3–5–3–3–5–7. The six lines can be a complete poem or they can be strung together as stanzas to form a long poem.


Sky’s looking-glass shifts

The oar dips

Dips again

Turtles go splashing

A living dream on water

Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge #108: Sanctuary

Colleen’s 2020 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge No. 189, # Poet’s Choice

Word of the Day Challenge – Dream

©  Pilgrimage Studio


      1. Tranature - quiet moments in nature

        A beautiful photograph and shandorma Beth and I love the way earth and sky meet in the water – this image alone can carry us into a peaceful meditation 💙 Thank you so much for this beautiful contribution to the challenge! 💜

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