Color me Calm 5

Art is a great way to take a time out. Whether I am making art or appreciating it, art can take me somewhere else. It’s a journey of color, space, and the creation of something blank into something more.

I Can Flow
Art is its own path. It can be a stilling of the mind while our souls travel to a specific location or flow and fly freely on currents of hue and shape.

Cooling Waters

Mixing colors and watching each slant and stroke of the brush, each pencil mark leading to the next, each tilt of a paint pour spread across the canvas, and seeing each space fill in with vibrant colors can flow into an act of mindfulness and meditation in and of itself.

I See My Depths

Inspiration, imagination, and creativity express themselves.

BLUE: water, cleansing, flowing, cooling, emotions, sleep, peace, serenity, sky, zen…

What does blue symbolize to you?

© Pilgrimage Studio


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