by Thela Foxgood

In times past, the Goddess was seen as a Trinity: the maiden or virgin, the mother, and the crone.

The virgin belonged to herself and was owned by no one. Sometimes she dedicated herself to spiritual service, belonging to a higher call, rather than to earthly attachments.

The mother was in touch with her creative powers, whether creating new life, art, creatively nurturing her environment, or by fulfilling many other roles out in the world.

The crone represented the wisdom of age.

Both women and men can connect to Goddess. To women, the Goddess represented their inner-self and the nurturing, receptive power within them. The crone represented not only wisdom, but also how all phases of life are sacred. To men, the Goddess represented a connection to female aspects within themselves.

We each have our own unique balance of male and female strengths within us. This balance is not one that can be dictated by others. Our true nature is inherent within us. When we accept our true self, it is, or becomes an instinctive knowing.

We were not born to be carbon copies that meet societal expectations. We each have our own distinct balance of male and female which makes us whole.

What male or female strengths do you have within yourself?


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