Choosing Your Own Mantra

by Beth Haley

Mantras are positive phrases, words, or statements used to inspire and motivate change and transformation in our lives. They can be a quote, proverb, saying, or any word, name, or statement that holds great meaning to you.

Mantras can be complex or very simple. Examples of mantras that you could make up or adopt as your own could be:



I write my Destiny


The Divine is in all Things

Here is an interesting way I have learned to choose a mantra:

Choose a favorite short verse, quote or passage. Read this passage over until you are familiar with it enough to repeat it to yourself without reading it. Once memorized, close your eyes and repeat the verse in your mind. If one particular word grabs your attention, remain focused on that word and its meaning. If it resonates strongly with you, use it as a personal mantra. Or, use part or the whole verse!

Combining your word with the word before it, and the word after it, may make a catchy phrase. Or make up your own phrase using this word…

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