Toxic Thoughts…

by Beth Haley

I’ve read a lot recently on thoughts. Especially negative thinking, or stinkin’ thinking, as I’ve heard it called. These are thoughts that hold us back. They poison our potential, and sour our outlook. We all have them:

Not you

You’re not pretty enough

You’re too old

You’re too gay

You’re not good enough

You’re not perfect enough

You’re not skilled enough

Somebody else is better

If you would, allow the idea that toxic thoughts can serve a positive purpose.

One idea I came across is to use negative thoughts as launching pads towards growth and healing. They are telling us something about ourself. What are they pointing to?

For example, thoughts such as, “I can’t do this”, “I’m not ready” or “I’m not good enough at this” can point to the need to dig into deeper study, gather more knowledge, get more training, or be more prepared. With a little extra work, you may find that those thoughts change along with your confidence level to: “I’m ready”, “I can do this”, and “I am good enough at this”!

In real-estate,

Love it or list it.

And, if it’s not serving you

well, flip it:

Yes you

You’re pretty enough

You’re not too old

You’re not too gay

You’re good enough

You’re perfect enough

You’re skilled enough

You shine

What are our toxic thoughts pointing to?

How can we use them for growth or healing?

How can we flip them into positive affirmations?



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