Patterns of Lineage

by Beth Haley

Today, I was taking notes while I listened to Sahara Rose on the Highest Self Podcast with speaker and author Heatherash Amara, which is titled “Warrior Goddess Women Training”, and thinking, “There’s no way I can fit this into one post.” So this is just a brief look at the topic of clearing patterns from our lineage.

When we look at ancestral patterns we can see how certain issues pass down from generation to generation. For example, I’ve heard people say many times: my great-great grandmother had diabetes, my mother had diabetes, and I have diabetes. It’s just hereditary. On the physical, it can be easy to see how patterns pass down. The same can be true in other areas as well. How about culturally? How about energetically?

Sahara explains how, in her family, all the generations of females before her have been in child marriages. Women had no equal rights. So Sahara’s story could have been: I’ll just wait for a husband to choose me, and live out my life as all the women have done before me.

However, she is re-writing the story of her lineage, day by day, with her own life:

She just got married to someone of her own choice, by the freedom of her own will, she has equal partnership in the relationship, and she is a working woman who has income.” -Sahara Rose

“This is literally the first time this has happened in my lineage. So we’re re-writing the story.”

-Sahara Rose

For others it may be re-writing the story of poverty, or shame, or for sexual liberation. We’re re-writing such patterns as: My family has always been poor so I’ll always be poor.

And this is where we come now to a generation that says, “Not again. It stops here. This stops with me.”

Because of the fact that in previous generations, there has not been a choice, “I am going to take ultimate choice and freedom in this lifetime because I know it is not something that can be taken for granted. So with that I will choose more, I will shine brighter, I will be louder, I will be even more expressed for all of my ancestors that have not had that capacity available to them.”

-Sahara Rose

“As adults, we then have “choice” to begin to decide: what do I want to carry forward from my lineage?”

-Heatherash Amara

Many times, we don’t realize what we are carrying forward, we just think, “Oh, this is just me, this is just my baggage.” Until, we start looking at ancestral patterns.

Heatherash Amara says: “I find when I start teaching women to look at what they learned from their ancestors, and what they’re carrying forward, pretty quickly women are like, “Oh wow, I’m not broken,” or “I’m not personally responsible for all of these things that I am carrying, it’s actually something that I’m carrying forward form my lineage,” because I didn’t realize it. “And then they’re able to make a choice.”

“We want to carry forward the things that are the best from our lineage, and I know that’s what our ancestors would want the most for us as well.”

-Heatherash Amara

There’s so much more on this topic, and I look forward to learning and sharing more about the topic of clearing our life from things we don’t need to carry forward.

One more thought: the freedom to choose how we want to live life is an immeasurable privilege. It is having the freedom to choose to stay home or be the woman who works. I found it to be an immense privilege and honor to stay home with my children while they were growing up. But it was because I had the freedom not to, if I so chose. And that’s the difference.

Choice. Freedom.

Highest Self Podcast

Sahara Rose

Heatherash Amara


  1. emergingfromthedarknight

    Its so true. I have learned heaps from exploring ancestral family patterns. I don’t know if you have heard of Mark Wolynn but the says we can carry core sentences, almost like scripts such us I will always be left and its only when we realise that is what happened to an ancestor and do work not to carry it on we break the pattern, but first we have to become aware and many times the story may be hidden.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. paulabianchi88

    It’s very gratifying, after reading this, to have some validation in what I’ve always believed in. We should write our own stories for life and shouldn’t be pigeon holed by the lineage of our blood line. Great article. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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